Playa de los Muertos
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Every storm runs out of rain.

Maya Angelou

The platitudes at this time are endless, aren’t they? I liked the Maya Angelou quote because I hadn’t heard it before. The bottom line is, the difficult times we are going through with the Coronavirus pandemic will eventually be over. Our lives will return to some version of what they were before and we will go on. 

Our challenge, for the present, is how we get through it. Each of us has our own issues in dealing with our current circumstances. There are a  couple of things I believe could be helpful. I would love to hear your comments about how you”re coping.

For me, maintaining the same schedule as before our lives were turned up side down is important. If we are not going to a job or if the kids are home from school we have to make adjustments. Still, having a routine helps to normalize life. 

The other thing that is key, for me, is staying in touch with friends and family. Just a text, email or call to catch up on how they are doing. Many of us are by ourselves and isolated. Soon, we might all have to face staying in with little or no outside contact. A short text could make a difference in someone’s life.

One day this will be over. Hopefully, it will make us value many of those things we took for granted. Simply things like a dinner out with friends, stopping in at the library to pick up the book we’ve been waiting for, enjoying a new exhibit at the art museum, or fully stocked shelves at the grocery store. Sadly, there are many things we don’t appreciate until we lose them.

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