Vieques, Puerto Rico

Miracles, in the sense of phenomena we cannot explain, surround us on ever hand: life itself is a miracle.

George Bernard Shaw

I was told there were wild horses on Vieques Island. I hadn’t seen any.

I was on Vieques for a meeting. We flew into San Juan and transferred to small, 6 seater planes taking us to the island. Met at the airport by ground transportation shuttling us to the resort. The scenery was a stunning mix of lush tropical foliage and glowing blue-green water. Accommodations were spread out over the property in small units having the feeling of being somewhat isolated.

One afternoon, I had time between meetings and went out on the patio to get some sun. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a mare and her foal walk up near me and stop. Proof of wild horses, almost close enough to touch. Holding my breath, I picked up my phone and snapped some photos. Both horses ignored me and continued to graze. I imagine they were use to coexisting with the human inhabitants on the island. To my knowledge, no one else saw the mother and baby that afternoon. I never saw them again. It was the miracle of the wild horses.

I believe that miracles happen everyday. We let them slip away because we are just to busy to notice.

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