Too Much Reading

I guess there are never enough books

John Steinbeck

“Meditation for Women Who Read Too Much” is the title of today’s essay in the book I’m reading. I was ready to go to battle until I read the piece and realized the author was not in favor of doing less reading. It would be hard to imagine a valid argument for reading less. I have books on shelves, on tables, stacked under tables. There is not a room in our house that does not contain something to read. There are books waiting to be read and books I have read and want to read again.

Writers, it is said are prolific readers and that is certainly true of me. I opened a gift from a friend today and found not only a book, but a book about writing. I put it on the shelf reluctantly, trying to focus on finishing a book I’m reading for our bookclub. I’m not good at reading more than one book at a time. I wish I were.

Some follow the Icelandic tradition of giving books as gifts on Christmas Eve. The remainder of the night is spent cozying up and enjoying reading a new book. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate.

However you chose to celebrate the holiday, I hope you find a moment to enjoy a good book.

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