A Little Space

Every life needs a little space. It leaves room for good things to enter in.

Sarah Addison Allen

Although our condo isn’t large, I managed to carve out a small space of my own. In a corner of our bedroom, the morning light shines through the window on an area just large enough for a cozy chair and a small ledge for a book and my morning coffee. Photos of St. Louis Cathedral, in New Orleans, hang on the wall behind the chair. A floor lamp, a throw and pillow provide everything else I need for my retreat.

I have a desk of my own, however a desk doesn’t count. A desk is associated with work, not rest. We all need a small corner where we can read and meditate. Somewhere where we can be by ourselves to breathe and relax. You might live alone and have a whole house or apartment to be by yourself. It’s not the same as having a designated spot where you can go and just be.

As we come upon the holiday season, our lives can become hectic. There is so much to do. Sometimes, a few minutes to relax is all we need to rejuvenate ourselves to get back on track.

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