Summer Flowers

You should feel beautiful and you should feel safe. What you surround yourself with should bring you peace of mind and peace of spirit.

Stacy London

I have written about my unease in this post pandemic life and about my love of flowers. This vase of summer flowers, beneath a painting of a field of sunflowers in Provence, helps to provide me with peace in an increasingly fraught society. When we are surrounded by a world of disorder and confusion outside, what we enclose ourselves with at home can be our salvation. Turn off television news, log out of your computer, turn off your phone, and escape from all the negativity. Yes, we have a responsibility to make the world a better place, to stand up for what is right. We can’t do that by losing our soul in the process. We need to recognize what is out of our purview and stop obsessing over it.

I enjoy listening to, Jazz for Reading, on Spotify, when I want something mellow. Pour a glass of wine, curl up in a comfortable chair with a book and unwind. Trader Joe’s sells a French wine, Opaline Pinot Noir Brut Rose, I like. It’s a nice summer wine and very affordable. If wine isn’t your thing, brew a cup of your favorite coffee or tea.

As a side note, “Expensive doesn’t always equal good.” That applies to everything, including wine.

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