Santa Takes Over

Now, as we close one chapter, the pen is gradually inking up, preparing itself to write the next.

Mie Hansson

The autumn leaves and pumpkins decorating the mantle give way to Santa Clauses, as one season slides into the next. Halloween and Thanksgiving have sped by and we begin to look toward Christmas. Many other families are preparing for Hanukkah. We continue family traditions that we have followed for generations.

The quote above is from a young poet I recently ran across. She writes as an old soul. She has unique insight into the human condition. As we see in the daily news, it’s much  easier to continue  to believe what we are comfortable with then to venture out on a new path and consider another point of view. We might learn something that makes us uncomfortable or causes us to contemplate that we could be wrong.

As we move towards a new year, we might look at another way of thinking or a different way of doing things. If we open our minds, we could see merit in something else. Something we hadn’t considered. Possibilities are endless.

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