Botanic Gardens, Denver, Colorado

Tarot doesn’t predicit the future. Tarot facilitates it.

Phillipe St. Genoux

I have mentioned, in past blogs, my belief in synchronicity. A recent example involves Tarot. On three different occasions something relating to Tarot has been put in front of me. Through the years, I’ve learned to pay attention to these signs. 

Tarot cards have been used to play games since the 15th century. They began to be employed for readings in the late 18th century. Along the way, the cards became associated with the occult and fortune telling. Today, they are seen more as a tool for insight into ourselves and our situations. 

I have owned a deck of Tarot cards, given to me by a friend, for a long time. I’ve never really payed much attention to them until lately. There is a saying that goes: When the student is ready, the teacher appears. It is true, I am more open to the cards now than when I first received them. I am not interested in doing readings for others, but more as a tool for introspection.

This fall, I began journaling as a 100 day challenge of self- improvement. As my interest in Tarot has grown, my journal has become a workbook for looking at questions the cards pose and attempting answers. Maybe, as the old year ends and the new begins, I will have a clearer picture of myself. It has been my experience that taking time for introspection, if you are inclined, is worth the effort.

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