Roatan. Honduras

Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation

Oscar Wilde.

It’s been a few years since I visited Roatan. At that time, the island was just beginning to become a stop for cruise ships and hadn’t lost it’s charm, surrendering to commercialization. I remember listening to the guys in this photo playing music. I’m not sure what their relationship was, maybe friends or relatives? Whatever their connection, they seemed happy to be sharing the enjoyment of entertaining the small group around them. I could imagine them sitting down and having drinks together when they they had finished for the day. Appreciating each others company.

Companionship is a human need. Made more predominant by the circumstances we are currently living in. I thought about this a couple of weeks ago, when our bookclub met. It was a chilly, breezy morning and we were meeting in a park because our group was often too large to be allowed to share a table on a restaurant patio. Several of us were there that day, standing in the cold. Some had been part of the club for many years  and we knew each other well. Standing in the cold, shivering, we talked about what had been going on since we had last seen each other and we discussed the book. After awhile, we decided as much as we enjoyed seeing each other this was not a pleasant way to do it. Maybe, we would try to find a restaurant with heaters on the patio for our meeting the next month. Even if we had to get two tables, we would make it work. The desire to be together would overcome the obstacles we might face.

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