Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.

African Proverb

Not a planner? In our current circumstances, it’s becoming more and more difficult  to move through our daily life without preparing. It’s not so much a complaint, as it is an observation. Our lives have changed in more ways than we might have imagined.

In the city, most museums and many amusements have re-opened. Just don’t wake up one morning and decide you would like to go to, let’s say, the Botanic Gardens. Not so fast. First you will need a reservation. In the case of the Botanic Gardens, it’s often booked out weeks in advance. Don’t plan on dropping by one afternoon. Just be grateful they are open and prepare ahead of time.

I have a membership to the Art Museum and would often just drop in to look at the collections or to see a new exhibit. Spontaneity no longer works. A reservation is required.

Things as mundane as going to the nail or hair salon not only require an appointment, you are requested not to come before your scheduled time. You are often asked to sign and date a statement promising you are not aware of having the virus or of being around anyone who has tested positive for the virus. Don’t forget your mask!

I am happy precautions are being taken and I would rather err on the side of caution. Just plan ahead.

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