Life is about choices, and the grace – or lack thereof – with which you execute them is a make or break moment in anyone’s life.

Gina Torres

In today’s world, seemingly small choices can have big consequences. Do I go out to dinner, go to church, get on an airplane? Actions we once took without a second thought, now could have serious implications not just for us, but those around us. If we’re not careful, we end up second guessing ourselves into a state of paralysis. We don’t know what to do, so we do nothing.

It doesn’t look like our current situation is going to change anytime soon. Realistically, I don’t think, as tempting as it might sound, we can just crawl into bed and pull the covers over our heads. All we can do is make choices with as much information as possible and hope that they are right. There’s no one answer that fits all. We order in quite a lot and try to support our local neighborhood restaurants. I’ve only been out to eat once, since this all began, and it was outdoors at a restaurant with a rooftop patio. I go out to get my haircut. We order in our groceries, although out neighborhood grocery store feels safe and I do run in to pick something up, occasionally. The Art Museum just re-opened. I went to see a new exhibit, last week. I know people who have or are planning to take airplane trips. I’m not comfortable with that yet.

We need to make choices we feel good about. I do know I am not willing to lock myself in the house and let months of my life slip away.

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