Carry On

Les Invalides
Paris, France

Sometimes, carrying on, just caring on, is the superhuman achievement.

Albert Camus

Les Invalides contains the tomb of Napoleon. He knew something about carrying on.  Thankfully, we aren’t faced with his challenges. Still, this pandemic leaves us with no option except to move forward as best we can. I’ve been thinking about small changes I’ve made in everyday life to navigate this new normal. 

We all have to eat and I have found getting groceries delivered is easiest. Occasionally, if I need to run into the local market to pick up a few things, I use a French market basket. It’s easy to carry and I don’t have to touch a grocery cart. Any shallow container with a handle similar to the plastic baskets at the grocery store will work. When I get home, I spray the basket with disinfectant and it’s ready for the next trip.

My morning routine has changed from having breakfast while watching the news on tv, to having coffee and a croissant on a tray in bed. I glance at news highlights on my computer, go through texts and emails, and page through the latest posts from friends, museums and a few other sites I like, on Instagram. Think of it as a version of Downton Abbey. I realize not everyone can mange breakfast in bed, everyday. Maybe, as an occasional treat? The things is to not start out the day with an hour of negative news that makes you want to stick your head in the oven. Do people still have gas ovens? Oh well, you get my point.

The idea is just to find a way to get through this as painlessly as possible. We’re all making it up as we go along. 

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