A Legacy

My Grandmother Next to my Grandparents’ First Car

Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.

Shannon Alder

A couple of days ago my husband told me one of his employees asked him if I had been a model. He wondered why and she said, I walked like a model. It was a nice compliment, however it made me smile. I am barely 5ft. 3 in. If I was once a model, I became much shorter as I aged. When I was growing up my grandmother had me walk around the house with a book on my head. If you don’t keep your head up and your shoulders back, the book will quickly fall to the floor. I guess that would account for my good posture.

My grandmother was not only a grandmother, she was a grand lady. Her legacy to me was more than good posture. She shaped the person I am in many ways. When faced with decisions in my life, I often remember her advice.

Some of the things my grandmother told me:

Don’t wear your clothes too tight. It will look like you gained weight and can’t afford to buy new clothes.

If a woman had the first baby and a man had the second baby, there wouldn’t be a third.

Talk is cheap. It’s actions that matter.

If you have good taste it doesn’t matter how much money you have. If you don’t have good taste money won’t help.

Regarding birth control and the church. Is the Pope going to buy the babies shoes?

She also said don’t tell tales out of school and would probably hate that I’ve shared this.

5 responses to “A Legacy”

  1. adriennekraft2021 Avatar

    Your grandmother was very wise.
    Her advice made me shake my head in agreement and brought a smile to my face,

    You do have excellent posture.

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    1. I was fortunate to have my grandmother in my life.
      As for my posture, thank you. I guess that book on my head helped.


  2. Oh, what a neat post, love the lessons and things your grandmother told you. Good practical and emotion advice. My favorite: “If a woman had the first baby and a man had the second baby, there wouldn’t be a third.” What’s that say about my male brethren? Ha, ha. She might not have liked you sharing her comments, but they’re needed now more than ever. Love it!!!!

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    1. Thanks Brian. My grandmother was ahead of her time in many ways. A woman having the first baby and a man having the second would have definitely had an effect on birth control!

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      1. Have the men go first and the world’s population would be cut in half! I don’t like blood, but actually have a high pain threshold. I told my wife, if I had to endure what she did having our kids, we probably wouldn’t have any!!! She thought I was kidding. I was dead serious.

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