Living in the Moment

The habit of waiting is so deeply entrenched in our culture that many of us feel uncomfortable if we are not waiting for something. We feel vaguely lost. The present will always be insufficient if we are insufficiently present.

Phillip Shepherd

I try to do some writing first thing in the morning. I suddenly realized I began today with the same phrase I had used the day before, ” I spent the morning waiting”. Yesterday, I was waiting for the technician to finish putting sealant on our floor tile. I am not sure what I’m waiting for today.

When I think about it, aren’t we always waiting? Waiting for the next good thing or possibly the next bad thing? I wonder how many of us actually live in the moment. Our minds often speed ahead to what’s next. We watch a stunning sunrise or eat an incredible meal. We take it in for a brief moment before our minds race on to other things. We’re waiting for that package that should have been here already from Amazon . Waiting for the test results from our doctor visit. Waiting to enjoy Thanksgiving with our family and friends.

Sitting at my desk looking out on a clear, cold November morning, I notice a few leaves are still stubbornly clinging to the tree branches. The pumpkins I put out after Halloween show signs of providing a banquet for the squirrels. Our dog is staring longly out of the window wanting to join in the fun. I want to live in this moment. I want to hang on to these precious minutes a little longer.

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  1. So relatable, ‘Always waiting for something…’. this piece got me thinking

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