One of Those Days

Denver Zoo

But I am very poorly today & very stupid & I hate everybody and everything. One lives only to make blunders

Charles Darwin

Looking through my photos to choose something for today’s blog, this bear seemed to best typify my mood. Darwin might sympathize. It’s encouraging to know even he had challenging times.

My day started badly, early this morning, when I stumbled and fell trying to navigate the dark as I returned to bed from the bathroom. I am not injured, however I have been reading a book about women aging and I am not ready to be part of a stereotype. In my defense, yes, I have fallen a few times over the past couple of years. I fell when I was young and when I was middle-aged, too. Maybe the real problem is not age, but my lack of grace. I might just be clumsy.

I start the day by watching the news while I drink my coffee and have breakfast. This did not help my mood. I did say a prayer that the elections would be over soon so I wouldn’t have to watch another campaign commercial for a few months.

Next was a bad hair day. I tried a straightening iron, rubber bands, barrettes, clips to no avail. Finally I just combed my hair and decided to live with it. My only positive response was to empty all of the clips, barrettes, etcetera into a bag and add them to the giveaway box. Who needs this? I did keep the straightening iron.

Taking our dog, Hugo, for his morning walk is always challenging. He feels very strongly that he should be the one in charge. A walk around the block can quickly turn into a two hour marathon with lengthy stops at every tree.

And so the day continued. One thing after another, until I finally had enough. Some days we have admit defeat and do what we can to regroup. I concentrated on small things I felt I could accomplish without much drama. Water the plants, change the sheets, send Halloween cards, do some writing.

2 responses to “One of Those Days”

  1. adriennekraft2021 Avatar

    And yet to carry on.
    It seems that you were not defeated, during this day of challenges.You found things that you could manage, rather than giving into a feeling of helplessness.
    That is a sign of your strength. Good for you.

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