Authentically You

Autumn Leaves

Our power lies in our small daily choices, one after another, to create eternal ripples of a life well lived.

Mollie Marti

Today is September 1. I know autumn doesn’t officially begin until September 22, however for me it begins on the first day of September. I put up a garland of leaves and pumpkins on the mantle, change the pillows and throw in the living room to warm colors and look forward to ordering the first pumpkin latte of the season. In the interest of being truthful, I can tell you that temperatures here are forecasted in the 90’s for the next week. It’s okay, that won’t stop me from getting out my fall clothes. One morning I will wake up and feel a chill in the air, the leaves will begin to turn and the birds will start to fly south for the winter.

We can depend on the seasons to be authentic. Although they may vary from year to year, they are what they are. It’s a bit more challenging for people. There have been times in my life when I was so busy trying to be everything to everyone, I couldn’t tell you who I really was. As I became older, I realized being true to myself was more important than pleasing others. In the end, I had to live with myself. It takes time to get to know you. What makes you happy, sad, angry? What lines are you not willing to cross? You are the only one whose opinion matters when it comes to who you are. Authenticity requires us to trust ourselves. Fortunately, we don’t reach an age where self-growth stops. We are a work in progress all the years of our life.

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