Ebb and Flow

Late Autumn

The season when to come, and when to go,

To sing or cease to sing, we never know

Alexander Pope

I love where I live. It is a designated historic area with lots of trees, parks and interesting buildings. One of my favorite places in our condo is a large, living room, window looking out unto the street. It offers an ever changing view of enormous, old trees. One might have the opinion that of all the times of year this is the least picturesque. The green foliage is gone and only a few of autumn’s bright golden leaves are left clinging to the branches. In a few weeks the bare trees will be iced with a frosting of glistening, white snow.

I don’t mind the barren branches of late November. We were fortunate to have a long fall this year. It gave us the opportunity to enjoy the full array of the reds, golds and oranges of autumn. I have to remind myself to enjoy each season while it’s framed in my window. In a short while it will be gone.

As with so much of life, the temptation is to rush ahead to what is next. Sometimes, I feel we’re so busy racing to get to the next thing we forget to enjoy what is in front of us in the moment.

4 responses to “Ebb and Flow”

  1. That’s a beautiful example of present moment. Whatever is framed by the window. 💖

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    1. It helps me to pay attention. 🤍

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      1. Windows have a way of drawing us into the present. I have one I gaze out of the entire time I’m writing. It helps bring clarity. 💖

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  2. Very well said! Such a good reminder to slow down and enjoy life!

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