Lowry Reading Garden, Denver Colorado

You can observe a lot just by looking.

Yogi Berra

My morning walk often takes me to The Reading Garden. It is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city. The space is filled with quotes, sculptures and a tiny, free library. It offers a moment for quiet reflection. Here I am able to sit and  tune out all the background noise for a few minutes.

Last week, this Yogi Barra quote, at the entry to the garden, made me stop. I have been considering how divided our Country is. I have watched with sadness our inability to put political views aside and wear a mask, even as the pandemic grows worse. We hear reports of people gathering, against medical advice, in large groups. How could we willfully put others lives at risk in homage to ideology? Or even worse, are we so bereft of social conscience, we just don’t care?

I do see more and more people wearing masks and many taking social distancing seriously. Leadership, by example, could energize more individuals to do the right thing. We need do our part, in the months ahead, to save as many lives as possible. The toll is already too high.

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