Denver, Colorado

I love the way a list makes a big hodgepodge of things simmer down and behave.

Blue Balliett

To me, this is a perfect, succinct, definition of a list. As an aside; even if I didn’t love this quote, how could anyone overlook the fantastic name of the author. It conjures up parasols, crinolines and carriages. I have a fondness for lists. I’ve been making them forever and have used them to sort out my days as well as my life.

I’ve tried keeping a list on my phone. It just doesn’t work for me. I want the satisfaction of picking up a pen and crossing off each thing as I accomplish it. I have a planner for daily lists and carry over anything not done to the next day. I sometimes use lists to assist in decision making. Creating rows of pros and cons helps me sort things out. I have a visual mind and viewing the issue laid out in front of me makes it easier for me to grasp. 

I admit the challenges we are facing now have made me a little easier on myself. If it’s not done today, there’s always tomorrow. My world will not fall apart if something isn’t accomplished in the moment. Something I wish I had discovered a long time ago. Much of what I thought was important, really isn’t.

One response to “Lists”

  1. I am a list-person, too. Loved that quote. It’s so satisfying to cross out the done items, isnt it? I make lists of all kinds, on paper, my phone and the white board in my kitchen. Helps me live contentedly! 😀

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