Georgetown Loop Railroad, Georgetown, Colorado

Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.

Ed Cunningham

I looked up the definition of friend and the one I like best is from Merriam-Webster, “ A person you like and enjoy being with. A person who supports someone or something (such as a cause or charity.)”Check and check. I am blessed with several friends I like and enjoy being with and one who has gone out of her way to support and encourage me and my writing.

When I first started thinking about writing a blog, I put together about fifteen pages of thoughts on topics I thought I might want to explore. I asked a friend to look at them. She not only read them, she offered edits. She took the time to provide help and encouragement when I’m sure there were ten other things she could have been doing. Time, when given, is an invaluable gift.

We have known each other over thirty years and, although she no longer lives close by, I can call her and know if she doesn’t pick up right away, she’ll call back soon. She has always supported my causes. She is the first one to read my posts and like them, even when I know she’s being generous.

How fortunate I am to have someone in my life who goes above and beyond.  I hope I am able, in some way, to be as great a friend to her as she has been to me.

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