There’s no place like home.

L. Frank Braum
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Home is my favorite place. I’ve worked to create a space where I want to be. I cannot envision having a job were I traveled all the time. Given a choice, I’m sure I would not last long. You’ve heard the quote,“Home is where the heart is.” My heart is not in a hotel room.

I’ve traveled quite a lot over the years and I’ve enjoyed doing it. I have brilliant memories of places I’ve been. There are some I would love to return to. The thing is, I’m always ready to come home. With the exception of Paris, I never wish I could stay a few a few more days. Coming home is like being back with an old friend. It’s where I find peace and comfort.

I realize there are people who would be happy traveling from one place to the next and never returning home. I get the excitement of experiencing something new, just not for too long. Like Dorothy, Oz was fun but, it’s nice to be back home.

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