In all aspects of life, we take on a part and appear to be what we wish to be —and thus the world is composed of actors.

Francois La Rochefoucauld

I am not sure if we all appear what we wish to be. I think some of us appear as what we are, unable to act another part. I started to wonder about this subject when a friend of mine, commented about the personal relationship of a couple she knows. I thought, really? How can she understand what goes on between two people when there is no one else there? Can we correctly, make those assumptions about someone else?

Many years ago, I knew a woman I thought had an enviable life. She was married to a man who had inherited a very successful business. They had a family of smart, well-liked, good looking kids. Their large home had a pool and tennis court behind it. But, the piece de resistance was the second home at the beach. A beautifully decorated, walk out the patio door, and step into the waves, beach house. I wanted that life. Especially, that house on the beach! Sometime later, I learned my friend, whose life I had coveted, was divorced. Her husband had been having an affair with a woman working for him and he wanted to be with her. Could I have every of guessed any of this? I don’t think so. To me, her life appeared perfect.

How often do we envy others the perfect life they seem to lead, not realizing the reality might be different? Maybe,”the devil you know,” is better.

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