The End of Summer

… And all at once summer collapsed into fall.

Oscar Wilde

Suddenly, the calendar has sped forward to August. The hot days at the beginning of the month will suddenly cool and slide into the evening chill of autumn. Although, it’s still officially summer, our minds begin to shift to thoughts of our favorite sweater, steaming mugs of hot chocolate and the warm glow of a fire in the fireplace.

 When I was growing up we didn’t go back to school until Labor Day. August still held the promise of an afternoon swimming in one of the many lakes within walking distance of our house or taking out a row boat for a leisurely ride just before sunset. It was a time of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows around a carefully made bonfire before the last of the tourists departed. We were friends with many of the kids who came with their family every summer and we knew they would be leaving soon. We wanted to make every moment last. The dog days of summer brought what was often hot, humid, weather. When we were small children we would put on our swimsuits and run out into the warm, late afternoon, rain. I don’t think we ever worried that it would soon be over and we  would be off to classes and homework, once again. We didn’t see an end.

Today, kids are all ready heading back to school and summer is, quickly, over. Fall is my favorite season and I admit to pushing at the the days, wanting to get to the cool nights and crisp, clear mornings of September. Sometimes, I think of my Grandmother saying,“Don’t wish your life away.” It’s true. We should savor each day. Still, I think it’s naturally to look forward to the next good thing.

One response to “The End of Summer”

  1. I love fall too! Growing up in the Midwest was the best! Starting school after the state fair and enjoying the coolness of fall and the colorful foliage and football games are some of my best memories. I wouldn’t trade them for anything as I’m sure neither would you!

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