A Birthday Celebration

America the Beautiful.

Lyrics: Katherine Bates

Music: Samuel A. Ward

This photo was taken a couple of years ago at a Fourth of July concert. I love the enthusiasm of this elderly man waving the flag. For me, it is what the holiday is all about. A birthday celebration for our Country. It’s not about politics, military power, taking sides. It’s about celebrating the birth of America. We have so many opportunities to be divided, this is one day we can be united.

Our family tradition is to invite friends and family to a barbecue. It’s hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans and a birthday cake with, “Happy Birthday USA” on it. We listen to a Fourth of July playlist. We catch up with each other and enjoy being together.

 In the evening, we meet for a concert by the  City Municipal Band. Every year, when the band plays, “Stars and Stripes Forever” the same ladies start a conga line, flags waving. The line grows as they snake through the crowd. It’s a diverse group. Many different ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, coming together to celebrate our country. After all, it is a birthday party!

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