Life Changes

Most of us are great with change, as long as it was our idea.

Still Life
Louise Penny

A dear friend gave me the first book in the Inspector Gamache series, by Louise Penny, for my birthday, this year. I immediately fell in love and have read  twelve of the fourteen books in the series. They have helped me practice my French, taken me back to  Old Quebec City and the Chateau Frontenac,  and taught me about Gregorian chants while visiting an old monastery.

The books offer many life lessons. One of the biggest, for me, is about change. Although, the idea has never freaked me out as much as it does many people, I will admit, as I become older change seems to present itself on a more regular basis. We face retirement, down sizing, health issues, and that’s just a small sampling. The thing I have noticed in the Louise Penny books is, no matter the plot, most of the characters seem to work through it and move on. What make this even more interesting, is that these stories are all murder mysteries. 

The take away, for me, from this inspirational author is, life goes on. We can’t always control it. We have no choice, but to do the best we can with what we are given.  

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