Don’t Worry

Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more and don’t get so worked up about things.

Kennth Branagh

Just enjoy life. Often easier said than done. Too often, other thoughts get in the way. We start to worry about a myriad of things, money, family problems, our health  and suddenly our day is ruined. It never ends. There’s aways something else looming on the horizon. Our thoughts jump from one problem to another. Whatever joy there was in our day disappears.

As I become older, I realize  worry is a futile exercise. It doesn’t change the outcome of whatever the issue is and meanwhile, you’ve spent time you’ll never get back on something that gives you no positive result. Time is too precious to waste on something so negative. You will find you’ve been so busy being miserable you’ve lost what joy there might have been in the moment. 

I don’t think anyone looks back on their life and wishes that they had worried more. Take pleasure in whatever you can. Look forward  to what each day brings. It’s true, things aren’t always the way we would like them to be. Let it go. Go for a walk, spend time with a friend, enjoy the sunset. Make memories you can look back on with happiness.

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