I see time flies, when birds flew to their nests

The wind is blowing wild; but never mind

They keep flying toward home for rest.

Raigon Stanley

I noticed this birdhouse collage, for the first time, when I was at the Botanic Gardens last weekend. It reminded me of the uniqueness of our own homes. Whether it’s our intention or not, they say something about who we are.

I think it’s more about what we surround ourselves with than it is how much money we spend. I have been in homes done by interior designers that seemed to be made to hide the person who lived there and I have been in homes decorated primarily from thrift shops that were filled with personality. Each said something about the individual. It’s about the choices we make. Whether we want them to or not, our homes just like the way we dress or how we spend our time fill in the blanks about who we are.

In some cultures, issuing an invitation to one’s home is not done lightly. These people realize when you come into their home you receive special insight into who they are. They are not willing to share this with just anyone. Being asked to visit their home is a compliment. It says they think enough about you to make the effort.

3 responses to “Nesting”

  1. Oh my goodness this is so rich! I love to read your writing!

    I just finished moving some artwork around (to make room for a new one), but I have a rule. When I buy a large piece, one gets taken down and given away or sold. It surprised me which one went into the giveaway area, but it didn’t suit me anymore. I have a friend who meets me for coffee once a month, and the last couple of times we’ve met she has said, “I want to come to your house!” She’s my best friend and one of my biggest fans, so I kind of envision her walking through the house seeing things she’s read on my Blog. 🙂 Every nook and cranny tells a story, or has on my Blog anyway. I haven’t invited a guest to my home in ages, but maybe it’s time. Thank you Grace. xx

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    1. Thank you. I value your response and I agree. Our homes tell a story about who we are. I think it’s reasonable to be selective about who has that insight into us.❤️

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