Promises Kept

Kenosha Pass, Colorado

Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality.

Abraham Lincoln

I admit to getting a head of myself, with”promises kept” when using it in reference to the 100 Day Challenge, which doesn’t officially begin until September 22. Maybe, just the plan to begin represents a promise. A commitment made. 

I’ve heard lots of plans from readers for the next hundred days. Everything from exercise regimes to taking classes or writing poetry. I had made up my mind to spend one hour a day for the next one hundred days in self-reflection. With plans to read, listen to music, go for long walks. All good ideas and still worth doing, but nothing exactly hit the mark until I read a post about journaling by Rebecca Plotnick, Every Day Parisian. This seemed appropriate since her suggestion of the 100 Day Challenge is what began this journey. I have journaled off and on through the years with limited success. I always start out with an optimistic vision of filled pages recounting my thoughts throughout the year and end up skipping a day and then two until it no longer seems worth continuing. I’m hoping that the shorter time frame will make it easier to succeed. 

If you choose to work towards accomplishing a goal in the next one hundred day, I wish you success. I hope, along with you, I am able to do something that brings happiness in it’s accomplishment.

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    True 👌


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