Inner Peace

Main Square, Puerto Vallarta. Mexico

Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.

St. Frances de Sales

St. Francis de Sales

Today, I was given another glimpse of synchronicity. I don’t look at Facebook that much these days, although this morning I opened it and saw the quote above. It was posted by a friend who I admire for what I consider her unwavering sense of faith. This quote from St Francis de Sales was perfectly timed to speak to what I had struggled with over the past few days. 

Everyone, I imagine, is dealing with our current circumstances as best they can. Recently, Michelle Obama spoke, on her podcast, about her own challenges with some mild depression, trying to come to terms with not only the pandemic, but the, wide-spread, conflict our Country is facing. I have been wrestling with the same issues. Much of what I read and listen to is discouraging. The mountain we must climb before we get to any sort of normal life for ourselves and that of this Country, seems insurmountable. 

Last night, I awoke from a dream in absolute panic. I don’t remember anything about what I dreamed. I’m assuming it wasn’t good. First, let me say this is not  a typical  reaction, for me. I was brought up to keeping going, no matter what I faced. Just push through it. Obviously, in this instance my psyche isn’t dealing with our present situation well.

I wish I had an easy solution. I’m afraid there isn’t one. I believe each of us has to do whatever we can to improve our current circumstances. We need to do everything within our power, including voting, to build a better future. We owe that to future generations. 

2 responses to “Inner Peace”

  1. That quote is beautiful. I’m saving it. Agree with you that each one of us has to do whatever we can…the only way to a better future.


    1. I’m happy you like the quote. Grace and space ……

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