Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.

Lily Pulitzer

Spring is slow to arrive in our part of the country. We are still dealing with cold temperatures and random snow showers. This morning, I noticed some bulbs ready to bloom and trees are beginning to bud. A positive sign of things to come.

 I always feel guilty complaining about cold and snow. Growing up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, there were many years we wore our winter coats over our Easter dresses and lifted our prom gowns over snow drifts. At least, where we live, snow that falls one night will be gone by the next afternoon.

When I was young and wished for time to pass quickly, my Grandmother would say, “Don’t  wish your life away.”There was always a reason to want time to speed up. There were Holidays, birthdays and summer vacation. At this time in my life, when I should be wishing for time to slow down, I continue to want to it to move along. I am done with winter and looking forward to the green, warm days of spring.

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